Is a technology start-up that develops vertical search systems to support deeper and more targeted access to information in specific professional fields.
A team of creative minds and managers with consolidated experience in data analysis, artificial intelligence technologies and marketing strategies.

Values and Goals

Algorithms for semantic understanding, natural language analysis, development and training of neural networks and machine learning techniques for reinforcement.
Making access to information more fluid and complete, especially that is unavailable online.
Optimise dialogue and human-machine interaction.
Create value for our investors, partners and customers.

The Scenery

The new technological frontiers linked to artificial intelligence, which are increasingly causing a revolution in the world of digital research, are creating innovative opportunities for interaction between man and machine.
As a function of these evolutions, the vertical search for information, documents and multimedia materials for professional and sectoral purposes is becoming a highly strategic field of application.
One of the main benefits of vertical research is the ability to focus on specific fields, such as medicine, law, science, technology or any other knowledge domain.
In this context, private databases and online resources play a fundamental role.
However, the fragmentation of online data and the more complex availability of private databases make it difficult to have a complete and exhaustive view of the information.
In this scenario, using different search models, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, will offer diversified and more fluid access to information in a more integrated, qualified and efficient way.

Technological Approach

Development of Neural Networks, trained in specific application contexts, oriented towards research models as punctual as predictive and generative.
Machine Learning techniques aimed at simplifying, organising and optimising information dataset analysis processes.
Application of algorithmic methodologies for semantic and natural language analysis which facilitates the understanding and meaning of the information processed for targeted access to the most pertinent resources.

Functional Approach

Complementary and alternative solutions able to
respond to multiple needs in different contexts thanks
to AiBeex technologies.

Combining a consolidated experience in “big data” analysis and modelling supported by innovative technologies related to artificial intelligence creates both technical and functional synergies capable of offering a significant competitive advantage in addressing operational challenges in the professional field.
Therefore, The functional approach combines all elements to optimise the quality of the questions’ answers and significantly improve the user’s overall search experience.

Strategic Approach

Identify strategic sectors and study their problems.
Find sources of information and potential partnerships.

Definition of analysis models to process data
and apply them to AiBeex solutions.

Place innovative products and services on the market with AiBeex technologies.

Operational Approach

Set up specific NewCos with identified partners for each sector/project.
Support the governance of all established branches.
Definition and coordination of all communication and marketing plans and commercial development.
Actively contribute to managing the subsidiaries in all the main operational and development phases.






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